Digital Scout Volleyball stat-tracking app to be released later this year

Cameron Mellor (@CamMellor)
April 8, 2015



All of us at Digital Scout are proud to announce that we will be releasing our new and improved Volleyball Statistical-Tracking application for Apple devices to be ready for the start of the 2015 season.


With Digital Scout's Volleyball app, high school volleyball teams, both boys and girls, will have access to the most comprehensive and robust volleyball stat-tracking app on the market. 


Utilizing quick scoring methods on a touch-screen display, the Digital Scout Volleyball app allows coaches to generate real-time stats for their matches, day in and day out. Volleyball coaches will have instant access to full box scores, individual and team stats and much more. 


In addition, when using the Digital Scout Volleyball app live, fans and parents will be able to follow along live on the NFHS Network as the stats stream in. On our all new volleyball event page, viewers can follow along with every bump, set and spike of their favorite high school volleyball team. 


Sign up for future notifications and further information at our official Digital Scout Volleyball Launch Page.

For all sports, all the time

By: Cameron Mellor
August 5, 2014


In light of the school year officially beginning this week, Digital Scout has announced big plans for the 2014-15 calender year. Starting with the fall sports season, all of Digital Scout's statistical tracking software for each sport will be available for schools to use free of charge. 


Digital Scout, the nation's leader in high school sports stat tracking since 1995, has over 11,000 schools across the country using one or more of their products. From football to basketball, soccer to track & field, the Digital Scout stat-tracking software is driven to aid coaches of all sports. Created by coaches, for coaches, Digital Scout allows schools to track their stats on-the-go, live using our state-of-the-art mobile apps. 


Schools can track their stats live and analyze play and game results in real time, during or after the game. Digital Scout offers football, basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball mobile apps as well as software for your PC for soccer, hockey and track & field. 


Digital Scout is a division of PlayOn! Sports, the nation's premier high school sports media company. 


The software used to pay for itself but now with no costs on the school's end to use, is a sure no-brainer for schools to use. The reviews speak for themselves


"I'd like to thank Digital Scout for their product: Digital Scout Basketball," Wonderview High School (Ark.) head basketball coach Jerod Squires wrote. "We've used it the past five years and it has had a tremendous effect on the success of our basketball program."


Basketball isn't the only sport, sporting rave reviews:


"We have been using Digital Scout Football for three seasons now, the program works great," Eureka High School (Mo.) head football coach wrote. "Coaches are amazed with the detailed summary of game stats available during and after the game."


Coaches and/or Athletic Directors can sign up for free for the 2014-15 seasons by clicking right here and navigating to their desired sport: Digital Scout Account Creation.


Happy tracking and good luck to all schools this season!

Acquisition creates ultimate fan experience for High School Sports


By: Digital Scout Staff
May 9, 2014



Digital Scout, the nation's leader in high school statistical software and apps, became a part of the nation's leading high school sports media company when PlayOn! Sports purchased Digital Scout this past February.


PlayOn! manages the day-to-day operations of the NFHS Network which captures the passion, pride, and energy of the high school experience by delivering live high school sports and events to family members and fans whenever they want, wherever they are through, as well as mobile apps. The NFHS Network is a joint venture among the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), its member state associations and PlayOn! Sports.


“We are very excited about joining the PlayOn! Sports team,” Digital Scout CEO, Nathan Heerdt said. "We are thrilled to join an organization that has the same passion and excitement for high school sports and its fans as we do." 


Digital Scout Football stat-tracking apps will be free again this year for all high school coaches. We'll also be working hard to upgrade and include live stat-tracking in more of our apps for volleyball, baseball/softball, soccer and more in the coming months.


Starting this August, Digital Scout will offer more opportunities to increase fan engagement with Digital Scout products by integrating our DS Football and DS Basketball live stats on the NFHS Network site to accompany the live video coverage. With the combination of live gamecasts and live video events, the NFHS Network will have the most comprehensive coverage of high school sports in the country.


Thanks for being a part of the Digital Scout coaching family.  We're working hard to keep improving our products and supporting your continued success! 



By Dan Fronczak

May 1, 2014


As a coach, I know your time is limited. Creating and analyzing your team's statistics can be cumbersome - but it does not have to be that way.


We recognize that everyone is clamoring for you to post your stats and scores to the paper, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. - and they all want it yesterday!


With that in mind, here are six tips for stat tracking made easy.  They will save you time off the field while appeasing your media friends in the process.


1. Track stats on a mobile device. The only people using pen and pad anymore are in the newspaper business...enough said.


2. Track stats live. Track your stats once and be done with it. No need to go back in and watch film to track stats. This will free you up to watch film and focus on technique and making your team better.


3. Get your scores out to the community. Make sure the app you use to track stats publishes your box scores to your approved sources (newspapers, state associations). Engage your fans and community with live play-by-play and increase fan support. 


 4. Create a list of all the people who you would customarily share your statistics with. Your coaching staff needs stats after the game.  Also think of your media, parents, players, grandparents, college coaches, the mayor, mailman, whomever. Sending statistics to this group post game via your app will save you time and energy.


5. Make sure the app you use creates individual player statistics.  Whether you have kids poised to play at the next level or you're tracking school records, you need individual player stats. Direct college coaches to a player's online page for authenticated stats that "YOU" created, and generate player reports during and after the season for every player on your team.


6. Make sure those player pages have the ability to upload video clips. There are some great video tools, as well as live streaming video companies out there. Make sure you have a program that has both authenticated statistics and the ability to upload video on one comprehensive platform. 


For the extra point- Remember those social media friends? Some programs will let you post statistics, scores, and plays directly into your Facebook and Twitter pages (If you're into that kind of thing).


For the most trusted FREE stat tracking football App on the market:



List of schools participating in the new OHSAA and Digital Scout partnership!
By Dan Fronczak
July 17, 2013
As a sports fan first and foremost, I rely on digital content to keep me updated on my teams.  As a working dad this becomes even more of a necessity as work and time with my kids takes precedence over watching a game.  And I know I’m not alone.
I follow the Browns play by play on my phone during halftime of my daughter’s soccer game.  I check out the Buckeyes and Big Ten standings during work on my laptop. (Don’t tell my boss)  Before I go to bed I hop on my iPad and track the scores from all the late night MLB games pitch by pitch.  And now I can see how my area high school teams are doing when I’m out to dinner with my wife via our HS Game Center platform.  That doesn’t always go over so well by the way.
When coach Joe Smith has his statistician drop the pen and paper and keeps track of his Warriors during the game with our app, Warrior fans can now follow the play by play whether they are in the stands or out on a date with their wife.  Tracking the stats during the game is obviously the key to the equation.
Some of our coaches use our apps to track stats Saturday during film study.  But a growing majority of teams have their statistician use our app during the game.  The benefits to the later are numerous.  Here are just a few:
#1 It makes fans like me happy :)
#2 Once the game is done your stats are done.  (This saves our coaches tremendous amounts of time)
#3 No need to call and email all of your parents, media affiliates, and state associations after the game with post results.  They can follow your game live if they want or just go to your team’s page on HS Game Center later that night. (BTW you can still email all of those people with your stats right from the app itself)
Finally, let me give you some perspective with regards to #3.  High School sports data is something local media is craving.  I should know.  I worked as a local television sports anchor for 17 years calling coaches at 11pm every Friday night trying to track down at least a score from their game.  I did so because my viewers were craving that info from me.  See I told you I wasn’t alone.

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Tracking Stats Live Benefits Many