The Knights, as a team, are champions on the field, role models off

Cameron Mellor (@CamMellor)
December 2, 2014


It’s rare in this day and age that we in the sports world don’t hear a story in the news daily that depicts an athlete or team doing some immoral, illegal or even heinous activities. From professional all the way down the ladder to even youth sports, those ‘bad eggs’ are seemingly more prevalent than ever.


This is not to say that there aren’t some uplifting stories out there that don’t grab at your heartstrings, it just seems in this world we live in where mobile alerts and streaming updates rule your news – those dishonest and indecent stories hit your desktop, phone or tablet instantly.


Allow me to occupy your monitors and mobile displays with a truly heartwarming, feel-good story about three-time defending North Carolina State Champions – Charlotte Christian Knights.


On the heels of their second consecutive State Title, the Knights opened the 2014 campaign with much expected high hopes and their eyes on a third straight championship. While head coach Jason Estep’s time at Charlotte Christian School has been short (he became head coach in 2008), he has built a perpetual contender year in and year out for not only conference titles, but state championships alike.


“Jason Estep has built an amazing program here at CCS that has produced four state championships in his short time as head football coach,” wide receivers coach Gary Brown said. “It has been an honor to be on this amazing staff.”


The selflessness displayed by that innocent comment from coach Brown is something that sets the Knights as a team apart from others in the state, but especially depicts the kind of moral character the program has.


Take for example, offensive center and Under Armour All-American Brian Chaffin. The 6-foot-2, 280-pound lineman, who committed to Stanford University in June of this year, started the 2014 season at the center position. When starting right tackle Josh Bryant broke his hip five games into the season, it was Chaffin who jumped at the opportunity to help better the team and fill that gap.


Brian Chaffin is committed to play at Stanford next fall.


“Brian Chaffin volunteered to move from center to right tackle when Josh Bryant broke his right hip,” Brown said. “By doing so, (it) would make the offensive line stronger.”


Chaffin moved back to center for the State Championship game as Bryant would return from his hip injury to play with his team in the title game, in its entirety.


Chaffin isn’t the only top recruit on the Knights either. Defensive back Jaylon McClinton committed to play football for Army while Chaffin’s fellow offensive lineman, 6-foot-7, 260-pound Philip Walton committed to play for nearby North Carolina State University.


The buck doesn’t stop there either, as for the class of 2016, Charlotte Christian has already placed several players on either watch lists or top athlete lists for next season. Headlined by running back Elijah Deveaux, who has already committed to Duke, midway through his junior season.


Elijah Deveaux committed to play at Duke six games into his junior season, on his birthday (Oct. 10)


“We have had back-to-back Under Armour All-Americans and placed no less than 15 players in (Division I) schools over the past three seasons,” Brown said. “We have 19 (athletes) currently on college rosters.


“Considering Charlotte Christian School has less than 400 students in the 9-12 upper school – that’s boys and girls – we have an extremely high level of participation.”


Placing athletes in colleges is one thing. Having them ready to play in their first year on campus is a completely different task – and something that the coaching staff of the Knights has done very well.


Take for example, Jeb Blazevich, who is the starting tight end for the Georgia Bulldogs as a true freshman.


Or take Bo Hines, who is starting at slot receiver for the NC State Wolfpack as a true freshman.


Or take Matthias Farley who is the starting safety for Notre Dame, who only started playing football his junior season at CCS.


That readiness and willing to help out their respective teams is a direct correlation to the coaching and preaching they receive at Charlotte Christian.


“The seniors led devotions every Monday and one of the coaches gives his insight on the topic from a personal or biblical perspective,” Brown said. “My senior receivers were always supportive and encouraging of the underclassmen all season. An amazing group of young men.”


The stories about the players are endless. What about the coaches behind them? Want to know where these athletes get their great moral character from? Look no further than the guys with the whistles and clipboards.


A long time user of the Digital Scout software, Brown credits one contributing factor of the Knights’ success to the statistical information he and the coaching staff receive when utilizing Digital Scout.


“(Digital Scout) has made it easier to compile and share stats,” Brown said. “I am able to email half time and end of game stats immediately. It used to take an hour to compile, download and email. (Now) I am able to send everything to coach Estep at the half, he has everything he wanted to know within 15 seconds.”


In his nine years of tracking stats with Digital Scout, Brown has not missed a play. When he was unable to attend a game over the past three seasons, Brown had a dad on the phone with him, radioing in plays so he could input the play-by-play data on his iPad in real time.


When he had a heart attack during the team’s championship run, Brown would not be stopped from utilizing Digital Scout and not missing a play.


“(On) November 7, I suffered a mild heart attack,” Brown said. “The cardiologist wouldn’t release me for the state semifinal game that evening, so my wife brought me headphones and the iPad to the hospital, had a dad on a headset, and I made sure the nurses weren’t to disturb me from 7:00 to 9:30 pm.


“Coach Estep had the stats both at half time and at the end and the media got everything immediately.”


The Knights finished the season 11-1, winners of 11 straight and a third consecutive State Championship – coach Estep’s fourth in his seven seasons as head coach at Charlotte Christian.


While their success is something in its own rite, the caliber of young man that the Charlotte Christian coaching staff is building in North Carolina is something special.


“I have never seen players so selfless and expressive of their love for each other,” Brown said. “It really is a greater ‘thing’ than winning games.”


From all of us at Digital Scout – we thank you Knights, for your patronage, your humility, but mainly for giving us something good and wholesome to follow along with each football season and beyond, because as coach Brown says – that’s really greater than winning.


Cheers to one of our Digital Scout Family - Dylan Mellor

Cameron Mellor (@CamMellor)
November 3, 2014


Longwood, Fla. – Sunday, April 20, 2003 – It was your normal, typical, everyday Florida-Family-Easter-Sunday-football-game in the front yard. Dodging around pine cones and sandspurs on the ground while tumbling through the grass you had spent four hours the day previous raking, mowing, edging.


The Mellors, famous for ‘one-more-throw-dad!’ moments, enjoyed a lazy Sunday of good food and competitive football in the front yard with friends and family alike.


Enter 6-year old Dylan Mellor. The youngest of three brothers, then the second-youngest of eight grandchildren and an avid proponent of the ‘one-more-throw-dad!’ mantra. After many passes, runs, tackles and what felt like hours of ‘one-more-throw-dad!’ in the front yard, it was Dylan’s moment for one last heave from Dad before calling it a night.


Dylan lines up. Dad snaps the ball from our fake center. Dad drops back to pass as Dylan runs a post-corner route towards the trees in the front yard. Dad unleashes a high, lofting, spiral of a pass towards the out-of-bounds-tree-line, something that was a Mellor boy favorite. “Get there!” we all yell as Dylan sprints towards the ball, cognizant of where he’s going to plant his feet before the out-of-bounds-line and the ball in the air.


The pass lands perfectly into Dylan’s hands just as he taps his feet down ‘in-bounds’ and just as he looks up to find a face full of pine tree.


Two front teeth smashed into the roof of his mouth later, a bloodied Dylan looks up, ball in hands, and says “I still caught the ball.”


In that moment, I KNEW, my little brother was something special.



Altamonte Springs, Fla. – September 5, 2007 – 10-year old Dylan Mellor begins his second year of tackle football for the Lake Brantley Patriots junior pee-wee team. As a quarterback, Dylan was just your normal 10-year old boy among much-smaller-boys on the field, regularly blowing by defenders, making plays that others could only dream of.


Leading the Patriots offensive attack, he consistently could be found looking for the next defender to make miss, sometimes faking out defenders two-at-a-time en route to a plethora of multi-touchdown games and recognition from coaches all over.


One particular day, Dylan – preparing for a game against cross-town rival Apopka – strapped up his Michael Vick III Shark Cleats, and donned his infamous eye-black, something opposing teams didn’t like to see. This time, however, he placed his eye-black on vertically as opposed to horizontally, because he had ‘seen an FSU player do it, and it looked cool’.


Mellor's vertical eye-black became a staple in Central Florida.


It was that moment, that confirmed my belief, that my little brother WAS SPECIAL.


Purcellville, Va. – November 8, 2014 – Senior Night approaches in Loudoun County, Virginia as the Woodgrove Wolverines play host to their arch-rival Loudoun Valley Vikings at 7:00 pm.


Enter that little brother of mine – Dylan Mellor, now a 17-year old senior at Woodgrove High School.


That little brother of mine who now is the Woodgrove record holder for each of the school’s receiving categories, single season and career. Who is looking to eclipse 2,000 receiving yards this Friday night.


That little brother of mine who routinely makes the impossible look possible on the football field and in the classroom. Who scored a 2250 on his SATs.


That little brother of mine who habitually makes those did-you-see-that-highlight-reel receptions. Who makes grown men jump out of their seats.




That little brother of mine who caught the ball with a face full of pine tree. Who once remarked ‘cut-ers-hair-boy’ when watching a football game on TV.


That, not-so-little-brother anymore of mine. All 6-foot-1, 190-pounds of him.


How proud I am of all that he has accomplished and how proud I am of what he has made of himself and made of his team. How proud I am of how special he truly has been to me, our family and so many others.


A leader on a 6-3 Wolverines team looking to host an opening round game of the VHSL Playoffs next week for the second consecutive season, Dylan has recorded 54 receptions for 920 yards and 16 touchdowns during the 2014 campaign. He has recorded another 325 yards on kick and punt returns and two more touchdowns while additionally, has caught two 2-point conversion attempts leading the team with 112 points this season.


He has 120 career receptions, 1,986 career receiving yards and 29 receiving touchdowns in three years on the varsity level at Woodgrove.


Friday night’s regular season culmination comes for a Wolverines team that seemingly started the 2014 season still adjusting to life-without-Josh-Sweet. A team who has leaned heavily upon Dylan this season, with great success. With quarterback and best friend Billy Sheehan throwing the ball, the Sheehan-Mellor combination has quickly developed into one of Northern Virginia’s finest and most recognized.


Now, both senior QB and WR – with a host of other senior teammates – will play their final regular season home game this Friday night.


While special in its own rite, it’s safe to say that this Woodgrove Senior Night will be one to remember for many reasons, but many of those reasons can be attributed to that special little brother of mine – Dylan Mellor.



Cheers to you, Dylan Mellor, my little brother, my favorite player. The best friend a guy could ask for.

Final week of the regular season in Ohio, who do you think will win

Digital Scout Staff (@DigitalScout)
October 30, 2014


Over the past several years, we here at Digital Scout have competed in a friendly game of who-knows-more-than-who when it comes to Ohio High School Football.


In a game dubbed as the "Digital Scout Ohio Pick 'Em", our staff members make selections each week on high school football games in our home state of Ohio. 


Whether they be our neighboring schools, big matchups in either the Ohio Capital Conference, Central Catholic League or the Greater Catholic League or just a marquee matchup from somewhere across the state, we at Digital Scout compete for office bragging rights in a cumulative score contest.


It is at this time, that we wanted to share this fun with our loyal readers and fans alike. 


Our staff will be making their selections soon, and we encourage you to do the same. Leave a comment with your picks, tweet your picks to us, let us know on Facebook which school you’re pulling for. Hashtag #OhioPickEm and mention @DigitalScout to be in the conversation!


Let it be known! Show your school pride.


Make your picks!


Games list:

Wayne vs Centerville Friday, October 31, 7:00

Archbishop McNicholas vs Badin Friday, October 31, 7:00

La Salle vs Elder Friday, October 31, 7:00

St. Xavier (Kentucky) vs St. Xavier (Ohio) Friday, October 31, 7:00

Trinity (Kentucky) vs Moeller Friday, October 31, 7:00

Hillard Darby vs Hilliard Bradley Friday, October 31, 7:30

Bishop Ready vs Bishop Hartley Friday, October 31, 7:30

Cadinal Mooney vs Austintown Fitch Friday, October 31, 7:30

St. Edward vs St. Ignatius Saturday, November 1, 7:00



Final week of the regular season in Ohio, who do you think will win

Digital Scout Staff (@DigitalScout)
October 30, 2014


Over the past several years, we here at Digital Scout have competed in a friendly game of who-knows-more-than-who when it comes to Ohio High School Football.


In a game dubbed as the "Digital Scout Ohio Pick 'Em", our staff members make selections each week on high school football games in our home state of Ohio. 


Whether they be our neighboring schools, big matchups in either the Ohio Capital Conference, Central Catholic League or the Greater Catholic League or just a marquee matchup from somewhere across the state, we at Digital Scout compete for office bragging rights in a cumulative score contest.


It is at this time, that we wanted to share this fun with our loyal readers and fans alike. 


Our staff will be making their selections soon, and we encourage you to do the same. Leave a comment with your picks, tweet your picks to us, let us know on Facebook which school you’re pulling for. Hashtag #OhioPickEm and mention @DigitalScout to be in the conversation!


Let it be known! Show your school pride.


Make your picks!


Games list:

Wayne vs Centerville Friday, October 31, 7:00

Archbishop McNicholas vs Badin Friday, October 31, 7:00

La Salle vs Elder Friday, October 31, 7:00

St. Xavier (Kentucky) vs St. Xavier (Ohio) Friday, October 31, 7:00

Trinity (Kentucky) vs Moeller Friday, October 31, 7:00

Hillard Darby vs Hilliard Bradley Friday, October 31, 7:30

Bishop Ready vs Bishop Hartley Friday, October 31, 7:30

Cadinal Mooney vs Austintown Fitch Friday, October 31, 7:30

St. Edward vs St. Ignatius Saturday, November 1, 7:00



Timber Creek running back Jacques Patrick commits to FSU

By: Nick Bray (@nabray92)
October 27, 2014


At 6:00 pm this Monday evening, highly touted running back Jacques Patrick made his college decision in front of his family and fellow peers at Timber Creek High School (Fla.). Patrick narrowed his final schools to Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Texas A&M. 


After keeping his recruitment process relatively quiet, Patrick finally announced that he would attend Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida only four hours away from his Orlando home. 


“It’s the school I always felt comfortable at,” Patrick said about FSU. “The coach has recruited me since my freshman year. I talked to Jimbo (Fisher) last night and he said that he was going to sleep well tonight knowing that I was a Seminole now.”


Patrick also took to his Twitter account to display his pleasure that his recruiting process had culminated.




Standing at 6-foot-3 and 233 pounds, Patrick will continue to be a power back for the Seminoles, something he has been for his Timber Creek team so far this season. Patrick could be compared to former FSU running back – James Wilder Jr. who also stood over 6-foot-2 and weighed in over 225 pounds. Arguably his greatest strength is after contact where he can regain his balance and accelerate quickly past tacklers and through holes, almost regularly. 


Patrick has rushed for over 1,000 yards in each of his four seasons at Timber Creek high, becoming the first ever player to do so in the Orlando area. He currently is listed at No. 7 on the all-time FHSAA rushing total and still has two regular season games left in his senior season for the Wolves, not to mention at least one playoff game this season.


Patrick joins a cast of other FSU commitments who have pledged their allegiance to the defending National Champions this season from all across the country.

Wolves roll past Huskies, 28-14 with help from RB Patrick

By: Nick Bray (@nabray92)
October 27, 2014


Timber Creek (Fla.) hosted Hagerty High School (Fla.) this past Thursday night with the playoffs already well in sight. Timber Creek defeated Hagerty 28-14, remaining atop the Class 8A, District 3 standings. 


While the playoffs were in clear sight, the victory for the Wolves over the Huskies clinched the obvious and punched their ticket into the FHSAA postseason. 


With his college decision looming, running back Jacques Patrick rushed for 283 yards and 4 touchdowns to win the game for the Wolves. He was clearly excited to be playing a few more games this season as he took to his Twitter account to display his joy.



As you guys can see I was a bit happy last night after our playoff clinching win! I love my team 🏈😈

— The Boy Nino (@jacques_patrick) October 24, 2014



In the first quarter, Patrick notched a pair of touchdown runs to help Timber Creek jump out to an early 14-0 lead. His first score was from 37 yards out while his other one came in the red zone from 14 yards away.


Timber Creek dominated the first quarter on both sides of the ball.


However, the tides would turn just before halftime with an explosive punt return from Tristan Tucker resulted in a 70-yard touchdown for the Huskies.  After the ball landed short and bounced into his hands, Tucker broke several tackles up the middle before breaking the run to the sideline. A convoy of blockers led the way for Tucker as he dove into the end zone to cut the Wolves lead to 14-7. 


In the third quarter, Hagerty continued playing well as the scored on a 45-yard touchdown pass from Michael Beaudry to Jaquavis Dixon to tie the score at 14 points apiece.


Once again, Patrick would respond, as on the very next possession he scored a touchdown run near the goal line, giving Timber Creek a 21-14 lead.


He then put subsequently iced the game as he scored from 35 yards out giving Timber Creek an insurmountable 28-14 lead late in the game. 


Patrick’s performance moved him into 7th place on the Florida High School’s all-time career rushing list.


Patrick will announce his college decision on Monday, October 27. His top schools include Florida State, Texas A&M, Alabama, Ohio State and Florida.


Patrick’s was recently quoted in the Orlando Sentinel to be seemingly higher on Texas A&M than the others.


“Texas A&M was one of the best visits I had,” Patrick told the Orlando Sentinel. “A lot of people are sleeping on A&M, but watch out.”


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Timber Creek stays at No. 1 in district

Eagles score last, late in the fourth to secure the victory over Wolves

By: Nick Bray (@NickBray92)
October 13, 2014


The stadium was packed for Homecoming night at Timber Creek High School (Fla.) for a matchup with Edgewater High School (Fla.). The Timber Creek (4-2, 1-0) fans as loud as ever and covered in purple war-paint as the Homecoming festivities commenced.


The Edgewater (4-2, 1-0) fans however would have the most to cheer about in the end as the Eagles scored a last-minute touchdown to win, 21-17


The Wolves would jump out to an early lead, scoring on their first possession with a rushing touchdown, then converting on a two-point conversion putting them up 8-0. After that score however, Timber Creek had trouble getting their star player back on track. Running back Jacques Patrick had trouble all night long finding open lanes to run through, as the Edgewater front seven did a great job closing the gaps. 


With five minutes left in the first quarter, Edgewater quarterback Cortez Pembleton connected with a fade to Buck Watkins for a 35-yard touchdown, cutting the lead to 8-7 heading into the second quarter.


The second quarter was troublesome for Edgewater as the mistakes started to pile up on the field and on the scoreboard. On one Eagles possession, their punter set up to boot the ball away but stepped out of the back of the end zone while holding the ball. After the referees conferred, the play ended as a safety for Timber Creek who would get the ball back with the score now 10-7. 


Timber Creek would then drive the distance of the field, to the red zone where, on third and goal, the Wolves drew up a trick play. Patrick lined up at quarterback in a version of the Wildcat formation and as the ball was snapped to him, he faked a run up the middle and decided to throw a pass to Hunter Wilkins who was wide open in the back of the end zone. 


The Wolves lead grew to 17-7 in front of a raucous home.


After the halftime festivities for Homecoming ended, so did the momentum for Timber Creek’s football team. The Wolves began an impressive drive down the field in the third quarter before fumbling the ball at the one-yard line where Edgewater would recover and take over. 


Edgewater then responded with a 99-yard drive that culminated with Craig Rucker taking a handoff up the middle following behind lead-blocker Adam Williams into the end zone. With just five minutes left in the third quarter, Edgewater closed the gap to 17-14. 


Near the end of the third quarter, the home crowd fell silent as Patrick laid on the field rolling in pain for minutes. While the injury wasn’t serious, his leg cramps would force him off the field for their current drive. The Wolves fans would breathe a sigh of relief as Patrick jogged back out on to the field during the next offensive possession. However, they couldn’t muster much more on the offensive side this evening.


After some back and forth between the two, Edgewater would get the ball at the 50-yard line with just over five minutes left in the game with the score still 17-14. 


It was on fourth and nine that the Eagles gained most momentum by converting a first down to keep the game alive with a great catch by Rucker. Joe Clark and the Eagles would take the lead for the very first time by juking past the Wolves’ secondary for a touchdown to secure a last-minute victory and send the home fans home disappointed.   


The final score of 21-17 improved Edgewater’s record to 4-2. This Friday the Eagles play a district game at home against Lake Minneola High School (Fla.). Timber Creek dropped to 4-2 on the year and will host district rival University High School (Fla.) next as they hope to get their star player Patrick back to full health for an important district game.


Patrick finished the game with 130 yards on just 10 carries.

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Edgewater spoils Timber Creek Homecoming

Timber Creek defeats Winter Park 28-21 with the help of RB Patrick

By: Nick Bray (@NickBray92)
October 3, 2014


A slugfest ensued Friday night when Timber Creek High School (Fla.) and Winter Park High School (Fla.) battled back and forth for 48 minutes, one long touchdown after the next. Momentum changing plays fueled the game that ultimately led to a classic matchup of two very talented teams, with the Wolves holding on to a 28-21 victory.


Winter Park (4-2) jumped out to a fast start defensively, not allowing a potent Timber Creek (4-1) offense featuring star running back Jacques Patrick much on the ground during the first quarter.  The Wildcats scored on their first possession of the game, as running back Malik Foy took a handoff and ran it in for an eight-yard touchdown and an early 7-0 lead.


The first play of the second quarter saw momentum switch to the Wolves as a Winter Park fumble was recovered by Timber Creek at the their own 32-yard line. This led to a 40-yard touchdown run by Timber Creek’s Patrick, tying the score at seven points apiece.  The highly touted running back took a dive play, bouncing it outside, breaking several tackles, regaining his balance and sprinting down the sidelines with 9:47 left in the second quarter. 


Just 14 seconds later, Winter Park’s Tyshaun Ingram responded with another momentum switch, taking the ensuing kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown. This gave Winter Park their second lead of the game, 14-7.


The momentum changes and scoring continued at a fast pace as Timber Creek took their next possession and scored on a 45-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Preston Samoden to Chris Womick


Womick’s corner route beat his defender allowing him to get behind the coverage and underneath the throw by Samoden to tie the game at 14 with six minutes left in the first half.  On their very next offensive possession, the Wolves looked to the air again and found the same success as Samoden found Womick over the middle for their second scoring connection of the game, a 45-yard touchdown. 


Timber Creek took the lead into halftime with the score 21-14. 


Timber Creek’s Patrick had been bottled up by a stingy Winter Park defense for most of the first half, but it was only a matter of time before he would show why he is one of the top players in the state.


Five minutes into the third quarter, Patrick ran off-tackle and put his speed to use blowing by defenders, making them miss and increasing the Wolves’ lead to 28-14 on a 70-yard touchdown run. 


Everything was seemingly falling in place for Timber Creek to put the game away after their defense intercepted a Wildcats pass at their own 5-yard line, ending a promising drive from the Winter Park offense.  The home crowd fell silent as the game seemed to be out of reach nearing the start of the fourth quarter. 


With just 36 seconds left in the third quarter however, Timber Creek was forced to punt the ball away after a quick three-and-out. 


A routine punt was transformed into a yet another momentum shifter as Kyle Moss for the Wildcats blocked a Timber Creek punt in the end zone. Several Winter Park players fell on the ball resulting in a touchdown and cut the deficit to just seven points, 28-21. A much needed exciting play that re-energized the home crowd who had grown cold.


However, that would be the loudest they cheered again as the rain picked up halfway through the fourth quarter, slowing the game and the crowd alike. Patrick picked up several crucial first downs for Timber Creek, subsequently putting the game away at the end for the Wolves.


Timber Creek held on to win 28-21, giving them their first district win of the season. 


The win gave Timber Creek a 4-1 record and placed them atop the Class 8A, District 3 standings. The Wolves will host Edgewater (3-2) in their next game this Friday, October 10. Winter Park falls to 4-2 and will face another district opponent after a bye week on Friday, October 17, at home as they host Hagerty (3-2). 


Patrick finished the game with 226 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. The 6-foot-2, 230-pound running back has been a force all season, rushing for 1193 yards and 16 touchdowns. The senior currently holds offers from multiple schools across the country including Florida State, Alabama, Notre Dame, to name a few.


Samoden finished the game completing 4-of-6 passes for 117 yards passing and two touchdowns. Womick finished with 90 yards on just two catches, both of them for touchdowns. Timber Creek gained 388 total yards of offense while Ryan Hutchison led the way on defensive with nine total tackles.

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RB Patrick carries Timber Creek to victory

For all sports, all the time

By: Cameron Mellor
August 5, 2014


In light of the school year officially beginning this week, Digital Scout has announced big plans for the 2014-15 calender year. Starting with the fall sports season, all of Digital Scout's statistical tracking software for each sport will be available for schools to use free of charge. 


Digital Scout, the nation's leader in high school sports stat tracking since 1995, has over 11,000 schools across the country using one or more of their products. From football to basketball, soccer to track & field, the Digital Scout stat-tracking software is driven to aid coaches of all sports. Created by coaches, for coaches, Digital Scout allows schools to track their stats on-the-go, live using our state-of-the-art mobile apps. 


Schools can track their stats live and analyze play and game results in real time, during or after the game. Digital Scout offers football, basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball mobile apps as well as software for your PC for soccer, hockey and track & field. 


Digital Scout is a division of PlayOn! Sports, the nation's premier high school sports media company. 


The software used to pay for itself but now with no costs on the school's end to use, is a sure no-brainer for schools to use. The reviews speak for themselves


"I'd like to thank Digital Scout for their product: Digital Scout Basketball," Wonderview High School (Ark.) head basketball coach Jerod Squires wrote. "We've used it the past five years and it has had a tremendous effect on the success of our basketball program."


Basketball isn't the only sport, sporting rave reviews:


"We have been using Digital Scout Football for three seasons now, the program works great," Eureka High School (Mo.) head football coach wrote. "Coaches are amazed with the detailed summary of game stats available during and after the game."


Coaches and/or Athletic Directors can sign up for free for the 2014-15 seasons by clicking right here and navigating to their desired sport: Digital Scout Account Creation.


Happy tracking and good luck to all schools this season!

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Digital Scout software now available free of charge

Acquisition creates ultimate fan experience for High School Sports


By: Digital Scout Staff
May 9, 2014



Digital Scout, the nation's leader in high school statistical software and apps, became a part of the nation's leading high school sports media company when PlayOn! Sports purchased Digital Scout this past February.


PlayOn! manages the day-to-day operations of the NFHS Network which captures the passion, pride, and energy of the high school experience by delivering live high school sports and events to family members and fans whenever they want, wherever they are through, as well as mobile apps. The NFHS Network is a joint venture among the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), its member state associations and PlayOn! Sports.


“We are very excited about joining the PlayOn! Sports team,” Digital Scout CEO, Nathan Heerdt said. "We are thrilled to join an organization that has the same passion and excitement for high school sports and its fans as we do." 


Digital Scout Football stat-tracking apps will be free again this year for all high school coaches. We'll also be working hard to upgrade and include live stat-tracking in more of our apps for volleyball, baseball/softball, soccer and more in the coming months.


Starting this August, Digital Scout will offer more opportunities to increase fan engagement with Digital Scout products by integrating our DS Football and DS Basketball live stats on the NFHS Network site to accompany the live video coverage. With the combination of live gamecasts and live video events, the NFHS Network will have the most comprehensive coverage of high school sports in the country.


Thanks for being a part of the Digital Scout coaching family.  We're working hard to keep improving our products and supporting your continued success! 


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Digital Scout Acquired by PlayOn! Sports