DS/State Associations partnerships to provide state football scoreboards

By: Cameron Mellor (@cammellor)
August 8, 2014


Digital Scout football viewers across the country will now be treated to a unique, one-of-a-kind experience starting this fall. Due to a new partnership with several different state athletics & activities associations, viewers will now be able to stream data in real time from a variety of states, across our nation in one solidified place. 


For the first time in Digital Scout's nearly 20 years, users will be able to view data casts of football games on a state scoreboard for Washington D.C., Wyoming, North Dakota, Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee and areas of Texas with many more to come. 


This unique treat is due to a partnership between Digital Scout and each individual athletic or activities association.


Housed on each athletic or activities association state website, viewers will be able to watch the data stream in from any and all schools who are utilizing Digital Scout to track their stats on Friday nights.


Have a program in Texas that you want to check up on? Visit Dave Campbell's TexasFootball.com to check them out. How about your nephew's game in D.C. that you can't make it to? Maybe your alma mater has a committed athlete playing in Ohio on Friday night? With this new platform, viewers can check out scores from all across the nation as they happen.


Follow along with the Digital Scout Twitter at @digitalscout for up-to-the-minute news and further information regarding which states are partnering with Digital Scout and which games are happening live on Fridays. Make sure your favorite high school or alma mater has and will use Digital Scout this fall!


By Dan Fronczak/Digital Scout Vice President
The saying, "everything is bigger in Texas," gets used quite frequently.  But in the matter of FBS recruits by state, that saying is definitely NOT hyperbole.  According to Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine and SB Nation, Texas high schools have produced over 2,000 FBS players in the last 6 years.  That is an astounding 15% of all FBS recruits.  
What might be even more incredible is that over half of all FBS recruits come from just 5 states.  Those states in order are Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, and Ohio.
Total Recruits and Share by State (2008-2013)
Rank   State                  Total          Share
1           Texas                2,147         15.3%
2.          Florida              1,922          13.7%
3.          California         1,415          10.1%
4.          Georgia              950             6.8%
5.          Ohio                    909             6.5%
6.          Alabama             502             3.6%
7.          Louisiana           499             3.6%
8.          Pennsylvania     405            2.9%
9.          Illinois                 378              2.7%
10.       Michigan             361              2.6%
What is interesting about these numbers, and how they relate to HSGameCenter.com, are that they are very comparable.  Similar in number of teams participating by state and similar in areas in which we receive the most traffic per week.  The one regional area of exception would by Kansas City where over 100 teams in that specific metro section are all using our apps to stat their games which directly feeds HSGameCenter.com.