High School Sports Field Reporter/Blogger

Digital School Network is the parent company for Digital Scout (, the largest high school sports stat tracking company in the country.  Digital Scout provides coaches with mobile apps for tracking live game stats and scores.  The tracked stats provide coaches with data to help them analyze their team and player's performances.  At the same time, Digital Scout provides the live stats and play by play box scores to fans and parents through its HS Game Center platform (
We are looking for people who are interested in becoming high school sports reporters/bloggers. Our high school sports reporters/bloggers attend local high school football games, stat the games on mobile devices with the Digital Scout stat tracking app and then write game stories/recaps.  In addition to game day recaps, we also encourage our reporters/bloggers to write feature articles on conferences, teams, and players throughout the week.

This position will provide aspiring journalists and sports reporters/bloggers with a platform for their writing and an audience hungry for high school sports content.
Here's what you'll receive as a HS Game Center Reporter/Blogger:

  • Top Exposure: HS Game Center will debut this season with thousands of high schools utilizing Digital Scout's mobile stat tracking apps.  All the play by play and scoring action will stream live to HS Game Center.  Your content will be featured on the main HS Game Center website, state, conference and team pages.
  • Community Attention:  Nothing unifies a community quite like high school sports!  You'll cover schools and teams that are the fabric of our country and communities.  You'll become known as the main person responsible for informing and entertaining entire communities.

In addition, our top reporters/bloggers will be eligible for the following: 

  • Live Streaming Video Opportunities: We'll feature selected reporters/bloggers for live streaming video reports during the season.  This will provide you with premium exposure to a national audience and platform. 
  • HS Game Center will have many different opportunities to hire our best reporters/bloggers to cover state title games and tournaments.  We'll also be able to connect our best reporters/bloggers to local TV/Radio/Print outlets.

*This position is unpaid for regular season games.  We may hire our best reporters/bloggers to cover state title games and tournaments, but there's no guarantee.  However, we will provide you with the opportunity to become a published sports reporter/blogger and a chance to build up your own audience!


If you think you have what it takes to fill our Lead Web/Interactive Designer position, please apply below: