Digital Scout has released the new iOS Football app into the Apple store. Before you install it, here are some steps to properly get set up for the season:
  1. Open your current version of the Football app (if applicable)
  2. Perform a sync from the device by going into the Games list and using the three-quarter circle near the upper right corner of the screen
  3. After the sync is complete, close the app
  4. Open the Apple App Store on your device
  5. Search for Digital Scout
  6. Locate the Football app and install on your device

Upon opening the new app, enter the email address and password that you created for your account. Once this is completed, the device will sync and you will see the new Home screen, which lists your Team and Season.

New Features:

  • Brand new app design
  • Native iPad app
  • Simplified Game Creation
  • Additional Stat Categories
  • Social Media Integration lets you post plays  to Facebook and Twitter from the app

Download the New App

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Football Statware iOS Version 2.0.7 Now Available

List of schools participating in the new OHSAA and Digital Scout partnership!
By Dan Fronczak
July 30, 2013
Ron Burgundy was wrong.  24 hour sports actually did work and changed the culture of television and athletics for that matter.
But I wonder what Ron's take would be on a growing 80's industry called electronic communication, i.e. the internet?  Well Ron I know what you're going to say and believe it or not it did work.  In fact, some of America’s greatest papers were some of the early adopters.
32 years later, papers still struggle with how much, or how little, to put online as opposed to in print.  I'd like to say, “Oh yes back then I combined Ron's sports skepticism with the papers’ internet intrigue to come up with HS Game Center.”  But I would have only been 6 years old at the time.  The truth is the birth of HS Game Center was a collective effort of amazing people here at Digital Scout that dared to be different and challenged the status quo in which sports information is received and disseminated.
The evolution of HS Game Center is a bi-product of what the coaches need and what the high school sports fan wants.  Coaches use our apps, another concept I loved Ron’s take on, to gather their stats for teaching purposes.  When they do so, real time information is shared with the world. 
To me there is nothing more local than high school sports.  It is feel good news that everyone can relate to.  The 80’s papers were on to something.  It’s just taken 32 years to make it happen.  Better late than never.   
By Dan Fronczak
July 17, 2013
As a sports fan first and foremost, I rely on digital content to keep me updated on my teams.  As a working dad this becomes even more of a necessity as work and time with my kids takes precedence over watching a game.  And I know I’m not alone.
I follow the Browns play by play on my phone during halftime of my daughter’s soccer game.  I check out the Buckeyes and Big Ten standings during work on my laptop. (Don’t tell my boss)  Before I go to bed I hop on my iPad and track the scores from all the late night MLB games pitch by pitch.  And now I can see how my area high school teams are doing when I’m out to dinner with my wife via our HS Game Center platform.  That doesn’t always go over so well by the way.
When coach Joe Smith has his statistician drop the pen and paper and keeps track of his Warriors during the game with our app, Warrior fans can now follow the play by play whether they are in the stands or out on a date with their wife.  Tracking the stats during the game is obviously the key to the equation.
Some of our coaches use our apps to track stats Saturday during film study.  But a growing majority of teams have their statistician use our app during the game.  The benefits to the later are numerous.  Here are just a few:
#1 It makes fans like me happy :)
#2 Once the game is done your stats are done.  (This saves our coaches tremendous amounts of time)
#3 No need to call and email all of your parents, media affiliates, and state associations after the game with post results.  They can follow your game live if they want or just go to your team’s page on HS Game Center later that night. (BTW you can still email all of those people with your stats right from the app itself)
Finally, let me give you some perspective with regards to #3.  High School sports data is something local media is craving.  I should know.  I worked as a local television sports anchor for 17 years calling coaches at 11pm every Friday night trying to track down at least a score from their game.  I did so because my viewers were craving that info from me.  See I told you I wasn’t alone.

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Tracking Stats Live Benefits Many

By Dan Fronczak
July 9, 2013
Busy is good and that is definitely the case for Digital Scout this month.  Our programming team is building out multiple apps and tweaking existing ones for the upcoming fall sports season.  Meanwhile our marketing group came across an interesting trend I thought I would share.  In the past few weeks we have had hundreds upon hundreds of high school coaches download our free football app.  And in that list of sign-ups, there was consistent inconsistency in the regions from where those schools were located.  Of the last 150 schools to sign up, I found a representative from 25 different states:      
1. Shawnee Mission West HS in KS
2. Park Hill HS in MO
3. Dupont Manual HS in KY
4. Raymondville HS in TX
5. Rye HS in CO
6. Ephrata HS in WA
7. Logansport HS in IN
8. Frederic HS in WI
9. Hempfield HS in PA
10. St. Charles HS in OH
11. Roseville HS in MI
12. Vero Beach HS in FL
13. Tishomingo HS in MS
14. New Prague HS in MN
15. Holland Patent HS in NY
16. Loudon Valley HS in VA
17. Ray HS in AZ
18. Dwight Township HS in IL
19. Boothbay Region HS in ME
20. Midland Trail High School HS in WV
21. Wellesley High School in MA
22. Brookwood High School in GA
23. Hoke County High School in NC 
24. Westside High School in NE
25. Deer Valley High School in CA
In my nationwide travels over the past year I have come to understand three growing trends as they relate to our recently discovered trend.  
#1.  Every region is passionate about high school football.  
#2. High school coaches are doing their best to enhance the game. 
#3.  More and more coaches are embracing technological tools to aid in that aforementioned enhancement effort.